Energy Star LED bulbs to retail as low as $11.99, and $3.99 or less in markets with utility rebates

January 2, 2014 – San Jose, California: SWITCH® Lighting announced the nationwide availability of the award-winning SWITCH infinia™, the top-performing LED bulb in the general use category for residential and commercial applications. The infinia is currently available in both 40 watt and 60 watt-equivalents, with retail pricing for the 60We as low as $11.99. Like the original family of SWITCH LED bulbs, the infinia has a lifetime warranty. The bulbs can be found at commercial distributors, lighting showrooms, and numerous retailers, including nearly 500 Batteries Plus Bulbs stores nationwide. The SWITCH infinia is ENERGY STAR® certified, which could reduce prices to as low as $3.99 or less in areas with utility rebates. The newest bulb from SWITCH is the best performing, lowest priced 60W equivalent LED bulb and carries both ENERGY STAR certification and a UL rating for enclosed fixtures.

“The infinia is the latest result of SWITCH’s award-winning technology – a new, affordable, replacement LED bulb that is perfect for everyday use,” said EC Sykes, chief executive officer, SWITCH Lighting. “With infinia, you will never compromise on light performance or lifespan, no matter what type of application you have. Unlike other LED bulbs in this category, you do not have to worry about the type of fixture, the location, or the orientation. It is the best performing LED light bulb at the lowest price. And as you would expect from SWITCH, it’s the most beautiful bulb on the market.”

The infinia can be used in any fixture (UL rated for enclosed fixtures), any orientation, and both indoors and out. The bulb provides the same light distribution and quality as an incandescent bulb, while using up to 85 percent less energy, offers a wide range of dimmability, and the technology extends the lifetime.

SWITCH infinia is also now backed with a lifetime residential and 3-year commercial warranty. Utility rebates will be available in many markets. To find your utility rebate, click here:

The SWITCH infinia provides the following benefits:
 Can be used in enclosed fixtures
 Can be used base up, base down, and sideways
 Provides the same color of light as an incandescent (2700K)
 Can be used in damp locations
 Contains no hazardous chemicals, such as mercury
 Turns on instantly
 Wide range of dimmability
 Lasts at least 25,000 hours (or 22.5 years on average)
 A rugged globe made of polycarbonate

SWITCH infinia uses the company’s patented LQD Cooling System™ – the most innovative and effective thermal management system on the market today. The LQD Cooling System utilizes a coolant made of liquid silicone, and a highly efficient and reliable electronic driver. SWITCH is up to 40% more effective at cooling LEDs than typical air-cooled LED bulbs.

The infinia was also selected as a 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards honoree in the Eco Design & Sustainable Technologies product category. The infinia was recently named a winner by Lighting for Tomorrow, one of the most prestigious awards in the lighting industry. Lighting for Tomorrow is a design competition that recognizes energy efficient decorative lighting products and technologies on the market.

All SWITCH bulbs can be purchased nationwide, including major retail stores, online retailers and commercial distributors. For where to buy, visit:

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