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Valentine’s Day: a great day for many, a lonely day for some, and a last minute trip to buy chocolate and flowers for more than a handful of procrastinating men. Whether your V-Day gifts have been preemptively purchased in January or on the way home from work on the 14th, they’re part of over $13 billion in nationwide spending.

If you’re among those not contributing to the multi-billion dollar spending frenzy of Valentine’s Day, you might think that saving money is the only positive to take out of the day where most people are happy and in love while you’re—sorry for being harsh—all alone.

Saving a few bucks is nice, but what if there were a way to make your lonely Valentine’s Day a little sweeter? Let’s talk revenge. Recycling revenge.

Start by taking a look through your closet. Why the closet? Well, chances are there’s an item or two in there belonging to an ex, or if you’re a serial dater, you might have clothes from all your exes. These items aren’t doing you any good, and if your ex wanted them back he or she would’ve already come to get them, right?

Arm yourself with a large bag and get to work, bagging up anything and everything that belonged to a former lover. Need musical inspiration? Try this playlist of the Top 10 Anti-Love Songs. It’s guaranteed to squash any second thoughts about bagging up that pair of Nikes your ex used to wear to work out.

Your ex’s bagged-up clothes are now ready to be recycled and reused. If you live in one of the 18 states where USAgain operates, use our find a recycling bin tool to locate a clothes and shoes recycling bin in you’re area. If not, use Earth911’s recycling locator to find a textile recycling option that works.

As you toss your ex’s stuff into the bin, savor the moment; you’re keeping valuable materials out of landfills and in use. Go ahead and write this down: “despite the fact that 70% of the world wears secondhand clothing, Americans only recycling 15% of our unwanted textiles.” This will function as your excuse if your ex ever comes looking for their stuff.

According to Statistic Brain, 61.8% of consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day. The other 38.2% percent? Let’s make February 14th Recycle Your Relationship Day.

Source: USAGain Blog

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