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Ford Motor Company has a renewable soy oil to make the environmentally friendly rubber parts.  Wowser!!   Ford says:

“By increasing the use of recycled or renewable content and reducing the use of undesirable materials whenever possible, we’re helping to reduce waste to landfills by millions of pounds – and we’re doing it around the world,” said John Viera, Ford’s director of Sustainability and Environmental policy.

The use of recycled or renewable content is making a positive impact on the environment and Ford’s bottom line. In 2009, Ford:

a) reduced their use of automotive-related plastics that went into landfills by 30 million pounds

b) saved approximately $4.5 million by reusing recycled materials.

Ford Not Only Goes Green. Ford Saves Green on Using Soy Oil for Rubber Car Parts.
Ford Not Only Goes Green. Ford Saves Green on Using Soy Oil for Rubber Car Parts.
Source (Ford Motor Company)Now that they use soy oil to replace 25 percent of petroleum-based oil, Ford researchers have doubled their rubber’s stretchability and reduced its environmental impact. 

I guess from what Ford told me, they plan to include their soy-based rubber parts into their radiator deflector shields, air baffles, cupholder inserts and floor mats are under consideration for future Ford vehicle programs.

“Ford is focused on finding innovative ways to make our vehicles more eco-friendly,” said Cynthia Flanigan, Ford technical leader in elastomeric polymers. “Soy-based rubber has win-win potential as it provides superior stretchability and serves as a renewable resource that helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions from raw materials.”

According to the International Rubber Study Group, the auto sector accounts for more than 50% of “worldwide rubber consumption, which exceeded 22 million metric tons in 2008. Automotive rubber usage is expected to rise more than 4 percent through 2013.”

This bio foam will be in about 2 million vehicles that will reduce Ford’s annual usage of petroleum oil by about 3 million pounds and cut carbon dioxide emissions by 11 million pounds.

The other great part about using soy in auto parts is that it supports American farmers.

“USB remains committed to funding the research, development and commercialization of new industrial uses for soybeans, and works with companies like Ford to leverage industry research dollars,” says Marty Ross, USB New Uses Committee chair and a soybean farmer from Delmar, Del. “Use of soy-based products reduces the U.S. dependence on imported oil and decreases the country’s use of petrochemicals.”

Stayed tuned.  Ford is about to include this foam and expland to other renewable sources for their foam.  Ford is researching using grape seed and sunflower oil.  What will they think of next.  I know..A great smart idea to cut our carbon footprint.  Way to go Ford!!

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