35 MW of NEXTracker Solar Trackers Built and Under Contract

FREMONT, CA, OCT. 21, 2013 – Today Solaria Corporation launched NEXTrackerTM: a unique balanced-mass, self-grounding, independent row solar tracker that significantly reduces foundations and enables wider rotation angles. NEXTracker eliminates many of the design, cost and performance compromises inherent in linked-row trackers, increasing solar project profits by 5-10%.

Nine projects, with aggregate capacity over 35 MW, have been installed or are in process with leading project developers and integrators in North America and Europe.

“As incentives in the PV industry taper off, economic fundamentals determine which projects are developed and financed,” said Dan Shugar, Solaria CEO. “NEXTracker, the most significant and practical innovation in tracking technology in 15 years, dramatically improves the economics of utility and distributed generation projects. I’m very proud of what our team has accomplished.”

“We are excited to incorporate NEXTracker in a number of SunEdison 2014 solar projects. We’re looking forward to evaluating the full potential of NEXTracker’s advanced features,” commented Sasan Aminpour, Vice President Supply Chain at SunEdison.

Every aspect of the NEXTracker has been designed using decades of experience with hundreds of tracking system projects. Designed to stringent UL2703 requirements, NEXTracker lowers geotechnical risk, enables better site utilization and reduces material and installation costs.

Independently-driven rows enable maximum flexibility in system design, allowing 10-20% more power capacity per site. A wider tracking range enables more energy production. With no drive linkages to impede row access, maintenance vehicles are free to move throughout the array. Tasks such as module cleaning can be accomplished 4-5x faster.

“We are excited about the horizontal single-axis tracking system. Our crew was able to install it in record time. The tracker’s low number of piers and innovative design enabled significant acceleration and cost reduction during the installation process. Solaria’s experienced team of tracker engineers provided tremendous support, working closely with our team in the field during the installation and commissioning of the plant,” said Luciano Serra, President, Euroenergy S.p.A.

Euroenergy, a repeat customer, has just placed its third order.
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Source: Solaria Corporation


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