Let’s talk about the Staples Global Environmental Program. For the Staples Global Environmental Program makes them one of two global retailers and the ONLY retailer in North America that has been named to the Global 100 Sustainability Index. It’s one of the top measures in corporate sustainability. This recognition is reflective of Staples’ environmental accomplishments. Those that include offering customers socially responsible products and services. That’s both in-store and online.

Staples global environmental program

Staples helps make sustainable business practices happen. That’s with a variety of products and services, including:

A new technology trade-in program in the U.S that lets customers cash-in and recycle online or in-store.

Staples global environmental program for recycling
Recycle at Staples

An expanded Staples Rewards ink and also toner recycling program online in the U.S.A.

In the U.S , Staples has recycled 64 million pounds of e-waste. That’s through its free in-store recycling program since 2007.

Staples, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPLS) has been named to the Global 100 Sustainability Index. It’s one of the top measures in corporate sustainability analysis. It’s published by Corporate Knights. That’s a media, research and investment advisory company. Staples is one of two global retailers in the rankings and the only one in North America. 

Another major Staples achievement includes:

Through Staples Canada’s recycling program, 71,370 kilograms of batteries have been collected and diverted. That’s as of Q3 2013, helping the retailer surpass its goal. The goal of collecting 60,000 kilograms in 2013.

In addition, their bullfrogpowered® Printers Program in Canada. For it helped reduce emissions by more than 225 tons of CO₂. That’s most surprisingly one month’s emissions from over 1,200 homes.

Staples goes Smart Sized Packagaing
Smart Packing from Staples

Staples has also obtained ISO14001 certification. That’s in the following countries:



New Zealand






the Netherlands




and the UK

Thereby bringing the total number of facilities with certified environmental management systems to 107.

Staples Advantage Europe

The  Advantage Europe has made a significant investment in a new packaging machinery in the UK. Also, the Netherlands, Germany, and France. As well as Spain, Sweden and Italy. All using the Jivaro machine. This has resulted in a 30 percent average reduction in shipping volumes, translating into fewer vehicles required to move the product to customers.

Source: Staples, FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (January 29, 2014) 

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