Financial Institutions, Home Improvement Partners and Others Can Harness Proprietary Energy Analysis Engine to Deliver Savings and Financing Directly to Consumers

FSan Francisco, CA ­ March 8, 2012 ­ WattzOn (www.wattzon.com), a personal energy management platform that helps people save money and energy, today launches WattzOn Connect, a suite of customizable software services that allows partners to integrate with WattzOn¹s platform. Companies from banks and credit card providers to home improvement giants like The Home Depot can integrate WattzOn¹s technology directly into their own offerings to create new revenue streams while helping customers save green by going green.

The average American spends 13 cents out of every dollar on home energy bills and car fuel* and WattzOn¹s platform uses proprietary data and analytics to instantly identify saving opportunities of 20 percent or more. WattzOn Connect lets partners offer personalized product recommendations and financing options that allow customers to make green investments, helping save them money by reducing their energy use.

³To most people, going green is daunting ­ whether motivated by money or the environment, it¹s hard to know where to start,² said Martha Amram, CEO and Founder of WattzOn. ³Our primary goal is to make it as easy as possible forpeople to save money by lowering their home energy use and fuel consumption. In minutes, we can identify 20 percent or more in savings opportunities, and WattzOn Connect lets us connect partners with people when they¹re making key decisions, helping to move the needle financially and environmentally.²

Optimized for financial institutions, home improvement stores and appliance retailers, Connect gives customers tools they need make key decisions about their homes and cars that will help them save money, save energy and go green. The platform is fully customizable, giving each company integrating with Connect the ability to tailor the technology to best fit its products and services, whether it is a bank financing a fuel efficient car or a retailer making a recommendation on the most energy efficient refrigerator. Partners can also use the platform to integrate directly with WattzOn¹s consumer portal.

³WattzOn provides a crucial service to people, helping them quickly and easily identify small changes that can have a huge impact ­ on their wallets and the Earth,² said David Arfin, former VP at SolarCity and inventor of the SolarLease®, special advisor to the U.S. Department of Energy and WattzOn board member. ³With more than $700 billionspent annually on home energy and car fuel in the U.S., even a 10 percent change is huge money back in people¹s pockets. Now, with WattzOn Connect, banks and others can help consumers clear the hurdle of initial investment, earning loyalty while helping make a real impact on the environment.²

For home analysis, customers simply enter zip code, square footage, the year their house was built and how many people live in their home. For vehicle analysis, customers only enter their car¹s make, model and year, driving frequency and average mileage. WattzOn then provides customized, detailed analysis comparing each customer to the average neighbor and also to energy efficient neighbors, and gives detailed recommendations on areas for improvement.

*$2,200 annually on energy bills based on data from the EPA and $4,000 on gas according to data from the Oil Price Information Service

Source: WattzOn (www.WattzOn.com)




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