Sant’Agata Bolognese, 28 February 2014 – Today in Rome Automobili Lamborghini was honored as an ”Ethical Company” with the Award 231. This award is conferred every year by the commission of the “Annual congress on the Criminal Responsibility of Entities” organized by the renowned Roman law firm Coratella.

Lamborghini was selected to win the prestigious award because, among other reasons, ”Lamborghini performs its activities with respect for the people that work and collaborate with the Company and the people who are part of the community in which the company operates and is present, contributing to building a better way of doing business for all the parties involved”.

The award was presented during the congress to Automobili Lamborghini President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann, who remarked: ”Developing an ethical dimension is a double responsibility for Lamborghini, not only as a business, but also due to being a highly visible brand. Managed well, they can steer and give impetus to virtuous processes in today’s way of doing business. However a fundamental prerequisite is the success of the company: economic stability must be guaranteed, the point being to use profits as a tool that can give a company a new dimension and contribute to creating a better world not only for today’s generation, but for tomorrow’s too.”

Lamborghini has developed its ethical commitment through a program that focuses on three macro-areas: Economy, Society and Environment. The aim is to create value through responsible actions towards the world in which it operates, therefore contributing to a sustainable economy as well as society with constant consideration for ecology.

Economically, Lamborghini’s responsibility is to guarantee a financial return, hence ensuring stability and company growth, with the objective of creating strong relationships that benefit broader society and not just the balance sheet of the company.

Lamborghini has grown both from a commercial perspective and in terms of its production:

-from 250 vehicles sold per year on average from 1963 to 2000, to the 2121 delivered in 2013;

-global presence in 45 countries through 129 dealers worldwide, a number which has tripled over the last ten years

-growth of the production site: from 10,000 m2 in 1963 to 80,000 m2 today (50.000 m2 growth concentrated over the last 13 years)

Lamborghini’s ethical responsibility towards Society is translated into actions affecting its 1029 employees. The constant attention given to company personnel and their families is implemented through the many activities and initiatives aimed at improving quality of life during and outside working hours, including a wide-ranging People Care program based on Training, People, Wellbeing, and Environment. The innovative human resources management policies developed by the Sant’Agata Bolognese manufacturer have recently led to it achieving a prestigious award. Lamborghini was the first Italian car manufacturer to win the prestigious certification: Top Employers Italia 2014 was presented on February 18, 2014, a prize awarded every year by the Top Employers Institute to companies with excellent working environments and advanced human resource management policies.

In the area of environmental sustainability, Lamborghini is implementing an integrated environmental strategy, based on innovation with regard to product and manufacturing processes. This commitment includes an aim to make the site carbon neutral by 2015.

The most recent projects include:

-2010: inauguration of one of the largest photovoltaic plants in Emilia Romagna, later extended, which covers roofs, sheds and the company car park areas. It extends across a surface area of 17,000 m2.

-2011: Lamborghini for biodiversity – “Oak forest” research project, which involved the planting of 10,000 young oak trees in an area of about 70,000 m2 in the Municipality of Sant’Agata Bolognese and in association with the Universities of Bologna, Bolzano and Munich;

-2011: Automobili Lamborghini was the first car manufacturing company in Italy to obtain ISO 50001 certification, confirming the company’s strong commitment to continually improving energy performance in all areas, from design to development and the production of its super sports cars;

-2012: inauguration of the first multi-level industrial building in Italy in energy class A, which hosts the department for the development of prototypes and pre-series vehicles;

-2013: new logistics center, with cutting edge solutions that enable the rationalization of transport, the optimization of the logistics processes and a reduction in carbon emissions.

[Source: Lamborghini ] and thenewsmarket.com