Cadillac ELR at a Global Green event

Cadillac ELR celebration at the 11th Annual Global Green USA Pre-Oscar® Party.

First of all, the Cadillac ELR is a plug-in hybrid electric car. Consequently, the Cadillac ELR was ready for its close-up. All at the 11th Annual Global Green USA Pre-Oscar® Party.

In addition, Cadillac and the Cadillac ELR were among the supporters of this annual event. All which marked the organization’s 20th Anniversary with a “zero waste” celebration. Thereby bringing together Hollywood’s elite activists and eco-conscious celebrities to check out the Cadillac ELR. Again all who enjoyed an evening of plant-based dining. As well as an auction to raise funds and awareness of Global Green USA’s ongoing initiatives.

In addition, Celebrities & Activists Strut the Cadillac ELR Global Green Carpet. Furthermore, top eco-celebrities from the performing arts kicked off Oscar Week with Global Green USA. It was also located at the Avalon Hollywood for the organization’s 20th Anniversary celebration.

Most noteworthy besides the notable names on the “Green Carpet” also included:

Frances Fisher
P.J.Byrne (Wolf of Wall Street)
Malin Akerman (Trophy Wife) who I also LOVE!
Joan Rivers
Maggie Grace (Lost)
Ed Begley Jr.
Luke Perry (Beverly Hills 90210)
Billy Zane
Vanessa Marano (Switched at Birth)
Ashley Greene (The Twilight Saga)
Michelle Branch
Matt Walsh (HBO – Veep)
Anita Kravos (The Great Beauty)
Ken Jordan (Chrystal Method)
Moby (Singer-Songwriter, Musician, DJ and Photographer)
Chris Paine (Who Killed the Electric Car & Revenge of the Electric Car)

In conclusion, the Ultimate Luxury is in the Cadillac ELR. So select celebrities arrived in “ultimate luxury” in Cadillac’s all new ELR. It’s a certainly a sleek coupe. All consequently featuring the plug-in hybrid Electric Vehicle technology. by a full-line luxury automotive brand. In addition, the 2012 Green Car Journal selected the ELR as a finalist. All in the Green Car Vision Awards which cites excellence in environmentally friendly technology for automobiles. Finally, EREV technology provides full driving range exceeding 300 miles.

[Source: General Motors – Global ], February 27, 2014, Hollywood, CA, The News Market