How Does 360 Cookware Save Energy?
Great question!

360 Cookware seems to make a lot of claims but it saves energy.

Stainless steel cookware saves consumers more than just energy. Using 360 Cookware will save you time, money and it will lessen your carbon footprint.

How dramatic an impact can our 360 line of “green cookware” have on energy savings? You might be surprised. Consider the difference in per-hour kilowatt demand of 360 Cookware compared to typical cookware; you’re talking about an energy reduction of between 200-600% and more.

How does this translate into savings on your gas or electricity bill? This time you’ll definitely be surprised. If you use your eco-friendly 360 Cookware set to prepare just one meal a day, you’ll save: $6.97 a week or $363.44 a year

Impressive by if you use the stainless steel cookware to prepare 3 meals a day, the savings becomes downright astounding: $20.91 a week or $1090.32 a year

Factor in additional meals for extended family, friends, guests, holidays and events and, well, you get the idea. And because foods cook quicker, it will create a noticeable savings of your valuable time, too.

Source: 360 Cookware

Posted by Jamie Robinson

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