Innovative Renewable Energy REwards(TM) Program Offers Diverse Savings for North American Power Green Energy Customers


REwards(TM) App Features Exclusive Discount Coupons, Calculator and GPS

NORWALK, Conn., Oct. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Many Americans share two passions: shopping for a deal and saving money. Now, thanks to North American Power’s Renewable Energy REwards, available at no charge to their 100%greenelectric, 100%cleangas and American Wind® customers, everyone can enjoy doing both!

The REwards program provides access to an exclusive nationwide network of over 300,000 discounts. There’s something for everyone on the extensive list of exciting discount offers in categories including dining, entertainment, shopping, home services, health, beauty and more. The REwards mobile app has over 125,000 “show-and-save” deals that are redeemable over and over again in-store without ever requiring a printed coupon, plus a savings calculator and built-in GPS deal locator to find nearby offers and participating REwards merchants. From date night at a favorite restaurant to a special purchase they wouldn’t have made at full price, participants can save money every day with REwards.

On a national scale, households in all 50 states can take advantage of American Wind® and the tremendous savings potential of Renewable Energy REwards while supporting the benefits of domestic wind energy production. In the energy choice markets served by North American Power (currently 11 states for electricity and/or natural gas, including Connecticut, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island), customers selecting either the 100%greenelectric or 100%cleangas options will offset all of their electricity or natural gas supply with investment in infrastructure for renewable energy and carbon offsets, respectively, all while enjoying access to Renewable Energy REwards.

“With its unequaled network of offers, Renewable Energy REwards can help our customers go green and save green,” noted North American Power founder and CEO Kerry Breitbart. “We know that there are millions of consumers who want to make greener choices. We’ve introduced environmental benefits that have mass appeal and make choosing renewable energy financially attractive.”

It’s easy to switch to North American Power. Visit to explore clean energy options at affordable prices and Renewable Energy REwards.

Source: North American Power

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