Here’s a good question: water covers 70% of our planet but how much of that water is drinkable? And accessible?

The answer? .03%. Not 3%…not .3%… but .03%.

By some estimates that leaves nearly 2 billion people without access to clean drinking water and many scientists believe that by 2040 we may need to find 40% more water. Think how hard your life would be if you couldn’t just turn on the tap and let it flow. There are serious water challenges throughout our world. Though shorter showers help, we’re all going to need a little Liquid Courage to develop large scale solutions and I’m hoping you’ll join us.

If you think there’s nothing you can do, guess again. Please help The Nature Conservancy spread the word about this growing crisis by visiting our new Liquid Courage website, http://water.nature.org, for World Water Day, which occurred on March 22nd.

Why The Nature Conservancy? For starters, we have more than 400 freshwater experts working on protecting water at its source. New York’s Hudson River has had a long record with the humans who have enjoyed it’s riches as the city has developed for over 400 years.

The Nature Conservancy’s Hudson River Program will restore the freshwater wetlands that are home to over 200 fish and 19 rare bird species. They’ve also partnered with MillerCoors and Patagonia to develop and implement actions to be more efficient with water and protect it at its source.

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