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$2Billion during the life of the bulbs. However when you include fuel costs too it is up to $10 Billion. This economic savings will provide a reduction of costs that expand across the corporate bottom line of a home, business, fleet of ships or government operating expenses.

Liberty Bell Uses MSi Lighting to keep taxes in line
The National Park Service made the decision to install MSi iPAR 38 LED lights to illuminate the Liberty Bell located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 2003 the bell was moved into the new Liberty Bell Center, a glass and steel pavilion that allows it to be viewed by the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This new setting is perfectly suited for the kind of efficient, bright and long burning light provided by LEDs.

However, the are also at the Smithsonian’s, Getty Museum and Air / Space Museums Nationwide.

Three Years Old MSi Lighting Joined Ranks of Top Inc 500
Three years of hard work, dedication to quality and superior performance have landed MSi the coveted award of one of the top 500 fastest growing companies in America. Everything about MSi is HOT – except their light bulbs.

At a time when the economy was tanking and consumers were pulling back, MSi was busy with a solution to the high energy consumption of hot, costly halogen lights in a myriad of applications – particularly in Retail, Hospitality, Museums and Furniture. MSi iPAR’s and new XPAR’s have been getting rave reviews across the nation. Imagine a PAR38 accent spot & flood light that lasts for 13 years, uses the same energy as a “nite lite” and gives off no heat, saving a retailer as much as 80% on their direct energy costs. Then, imagine a retailer that needs to keep 1000 lights on 14 hours a day all year long. MSi has been a life saver. All across the country, 90-watt halogen spotlights are being replaced with 12-watt iPAR LED lights.

The conversion is a simple matter of unscrewing the old lights and screwing in the new ones, but the results are immediate and dramatic. Within hours of installation store employees notice a drop in the showroom temperature, a crispness of light and consistency of color – and an instant drop in the power bill. VP of Sales & Marketing John Burke explains, “Many top retailers have told us our CCT (color) is more accurate, our CBCP (Center beam “punch”) is much stronger and our consistency from one lamp to the next is extraordinary.”

Fuel Costs For Carnival Cruises Equals $2.19Billion according to recent reports.
In other words, Carnival Cruises spent $2.19 Billion on fuel annually. According to industry standards 27 percent of the fuel budget is for lighting. That is about $591.3 million dollars in cash savings per year across the entire fleet.

To be conservative, if 50 percent of the rooms use MSI Lighting that’s $250 Million in potential savings annually.

MSi Lighting Loves Levitz Furniture
The “Sunshine Factory” has gotten a little bit brighter and greener thanks to the addition of over 5,000 MSi iPAR LED lighting fixtures. Tucson, Arizona based furniture retailer Sam Levitz recently replaced all of the halogen spotlights in four of its five locations with super efficient MSi LED lighting.

All of the showroom’s 90-watt halogen spotlights were replaced with 12-watt iPAR LED lights. The conversion was a simple matter of unscrewing the old lights and screwing in the new ones, but the results were immediate and dramatic. Unlike hot burning halogen lights, the extremely efficient LED lights produce very little heat and within hours of installation store employees had noticed a drop

in the showroom’s temperature. Management was able to raise the air conditioner thermostat settings by four degrees, which will result in an estimated annual savings of $80,000 in cooling costs alone.

Furniture Industry Takes MSi Lighting Seriously
MSi lighting has been taking the furniture industry by storm…more than 1000 furniture showrooms across America. The TOP furniture stores buy in groups to keep costs down on lighting (even though they take it at the monthly bills for electricity). Both the TOP furniture chains have all chosen MSi.

When you have a furniture showroom like RC Willey or Sprintz Furniture in North Carolina or frankly any Thomasville across the USA, there are THOUSANDS of hot PAR lamps shining down on Millions of dollars or merchandise.

About The Company
MSi has been underground (literally) for over a decade designing, testing, patenting & perfecting the most innovative LED accent, spot and flood lights in the world. Considered the world leader in solid-state lighting technology for miner’s cap-lights, MSi has provided hundreds of thousands of LED mine lighting products to the gold and platinum mines throughout the world. MSi created the solution for the thousands of miners who daily would find themselves 2 miles underground, in dark, harsh conditions with a heavy battery attached to a super hot halogen light inches from their heads… today, these miners sport a brighter, clearer, longer lasting LED cap light that gives off virtually no heat, and stays lit for an entire shift – and then some.

Leveraging their LED expertise, and in collaboration with the leading optic developers and LED manufacturers globally, MSi has proven this same LED technology with accent spot and flood lighting for retail, commercial, furniture, restaurants & museums.

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