Nature Conservancy Urges Protection of Flows for Fish in Delta

We need to take stock of options for developing long-term solutions to our water challenges

San Francisco, California | March 28, 2014
The Nature Conservancy urges Secretaries Jewel and Pritzker to maintain current restrictions on water pumping south of the Sacramento–San Joaquin Bay Delta to provide water for threatened and endangered fish species. Many California fish have already suffered during this drought. Recreational fisheries have been closed, and as the drought persists it further stresses our fragile natural environment as well as important commercial fisheries.

We should be cautious in taking any further action that may cause additional harm to our fish. No strong evidence currently exists to support the conclusion that increasing exports from the Delta will not substantially harm endangered winter run salmon, fall run Chinook and other native fish in the system.

The Nature Conservancy also urges the Secretaries to ensure that we monitor the consequences of our current drought on fish and wildlife as well as farms and communities. We must take stock of options for developing long-term solutions to our water challenges, so that we can be better prepared to meet the needs of people and nature in future droughts.

Source: California Department of Fish and Wildlife

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