The 10 Best Weather Places in the World


Do you dream of a place that is always sunny? Where the temperature is perfect? Where there is virtually no severe weather? Ed Darack has. His article, “The 10 Best Weather Places in the World”, featured in the March/April issue of Weatherwise magazine attempts to name the top ten places in the world that continually experience the best weather.

Darack defines what “best” weather consists of. The basis of this list is founded in weather that has positive effects on human fundamental needs (physical, mental, and emotional). “We can determine meteorological “best” criteria for ideal human physical, mental, and emotional health that includes temperature, humidity, average number of sunny days, and other criteria, by studying the results of research conducted on environmental effects on humans.” With this in mind Darack creates a mythical place of weather perfection, ‘Anthro-Weathertopia’. Here the temperature never strays too far from 68°F, the humidity is always comfortably 50%, and the clouds are never a threat. Unfortunately this perfect place does not exist, but his article lists the top ten places that come close.

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