SANTA MONICA, Calif.—April 8, 2014—The American Trucking Associations, the largest national trade association for the trucking industry, has agreed to work with the organizers of the 2014 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, North America’s largest clean fleet show representing all weight classes and alternative fuels. ACT Expo 2014 will gather more than 3,500 participants at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif., May 5-8.800px-Burgundy_Semi_Truck_(2891788700)

“As environmental sustainability and stewardship continue to grow in importance, ATA is pleased to work with the organizers of ACT Expo, which brings together many of the key stakeholders in alternative transportation fuels,” said ATA President and CEO Bill Graves. “As our members look for every possible ounce of fuel cost savings, with an eye on coming fuel efficiency regulations, ACT Expo is a tremendous opportunity to learn more about the economic and environmental benefits of using alternative fuels and heavy-duty trucking efficiency technologies. We hope this event will be the first of many opportunities our two organizations have to work together.”

ATA’s commitment to ACT Expo reinforces the organization’s dedication to addressing the most significant issues the US trucking industry is facing today. Each day, more than three million barrels of oil are consumed by over-the-road trucks hauling our nation’s goods. This is the equivalent of approximately 75% of all oil imported from members of OPEC, where political instability is prone to cause oil price volatility. Meanwhile, the North American shale gas boom has led to retail natural gas fuel prices that are 20 to 50 percent lower than the cost of diesel on an energy-equivalent basis and has yielded tremendous benefits for other alternative fuels such as propane autogas, DME, and even electricity. Switching to lower-cost, domestically produced fuels allows fleet operators to plan for the long-term more effectively.

ATA members will receive special rates to attend ACT Expo 2014, which will include keynote speakers, plenary and breakout sessions, networking events, a ride and drive event, and off-site technical tours. In addition, ACT Expo attendees can participate in free pre-conference events, including the North American Council for Freight Efficiency and Carbon War Room Trucking Efficiency Workshop, the Propane Education & Research Council Lead the Way Autogas Summit, the Women in ACT (Alternative Clean Transportation) Summit, the US EPA SmartWay Program Workshop, among many others. The US EPA SmartWay Workshop is being held in conjunction with the program’s 10 year anniversary of supporting the goods movement industry.

Sponsored by nearly 200 leading equipment manufacturers, technology providers and fuels suppliers, ACT Expo 2014 will host some of the top names and transportation leaders across the alternative fuels and clean vehicle technologies arena. To learn more, visit

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