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Reykjavik, Iceland—Advania and GreenQloud announced the first enterprise reseller program for GreenQloud’s public cloud services in the Nordics with Advania.

GreenQloud is the world’s first Truly Green™ cloud solutions company, powered by renewable energy, offering world class Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and data storage.

Advania, one of the largest IT companies operating within the Nordic Region, offers software, hardware, hosting, and operational services. Advania will offer GreenQloud’s public compute cloud solutions as “Advania Cloud powered by GreenQloud.”

With this new cloud services program, companies have access to computer systems through subscription. This implies easy and effective access for companies to any kind of computer service without having to invest in equipment. GreenQloud’s computer system (software) is largely hosted in Advania’s data center. Advania customers will now enjoy the benefits of the public cloud with the brand trust associated with Advania while also taking advantage of the ease of use and 24/7customer support services that GreenQloud has become known for globally.

“Advania Cloud powered by GreenQloud strengthens our reach in the enterprise market in Iceland, Scandanavia and globally, while enabling Advania to meet a growing demand for cloud services,” said Bala Kamallakharan, CEO of GreenQloud.

“It is a great pleasure to be working with a growing company like GreenQloud, a company that has received deserved attention for their clever and environmental-friendly solutions. These services will facilitate even easier usage of our powerful computer systems on their own terms whenever they need, whenever it suits them, anywhere in the world. We foresee that this solution will especially suit fast growing companies ,” Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson, Chief of Operations.


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