ecoATM Safely Selling plus Recycling Unwanted Cell Phones and Tablets

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FACT: Electronics are the fastest growing waste segment in the World
FACT: Less than half of device owners recycle their unwanted phones and tablets

Ok. This is not doom and gloom here. Americans get the benefits of recycling bottles, cans and paper; yet the same campaign is now starting for electronic devices.

Since the first time I owned a Motorola cellphone in 1993, there has been an explosion of new cell phones and tablets. America now has a growing glut of “e-waste” piling up and are afraid to ask how to recycle it.

SO America and (in fact) the world just don’t know what to do with their busted up, broken, not going to get anything for them cellphones and outdated devices.

According to a new survey released today by my buddies at ecoATM (the nationwide network of automated electronics recycling kiosks) 57 percent of American device owners have old cellphones but only 22 percent recycle them.

“Electronic waste is the fastest growing segment of our waste stream, and it’s a problem that’s only getting worse as more and more new phones and tablets are coming to market each year,” said Mark Bowles, founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ecoATM. “Consumers are looking for easy and convenient ways to recycle or sell their unwanted devices, and we must continue to shift behavior when it comes to the responsible disposal of electronics that are no longer being used.”

Recycle Responsibly with ecoATM
That is why this Earth Day 2014 is a move forward, a celebration and excuse to get rid of that junk. ecoATM’s are now in approximately 900 kiosks located in shopping malls and select retailers nationwide.

They can recycle consumer electronics including:
mobile phones
MP3 players

to keep them out of landfills or from languishing in desk drawers, and possibly even give you cash payments to recycle that electronic device.

As I like to say: Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!

Source: ecoATM

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