VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — SunCentral Inc. announced today plans for their first sunlighting installation in Toronto, Canada, at the Riverdale Hub. This newly renovated facility hosts the Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre, which provides immigrant women an important resource to gain the skills and experience necessary for employment in their chosen field. The hub will also showcase other green technologies including solar PV, green roofing and geothermal heating. SunCentral’s SunBeamer™ units will be installed in a skylight at the roof level, delivering full-spectrum sunlight to the core of the building several stories below, improving the lighting quality and work environment of the space.

“We are very excited to be among the first in Toronto to experience SunCentral’s innovative technology. Harnessing natural light deep within our building will allow us to shrink our environmental footprint while increasing the overall health and well-being of our clients and workers. Daylighting will also provide a warmer, more inviting environment to the groups and visitors that participate in the numerous events at the Riverdale Hub”, said Nuzhath Leedham, Executive Director for the Riverdale Hub.

SunCentral is working with renowned designer and engineer Greg Allen of Sustainable Edge, a group known for their work on sustainable building design, to create the desired lighting effects for the center. SunBeamers™ will be installed below existing skylights, directing beams of sunlight through a glass floor to illuminate areas several storeys below.

“We empower architects, designers, and building owners to design with sunlight by giving them the ability to deliver controlled, glare free, sunlight anywhere within their building,” said John Weishaar, Director of Sales. “SunCentral provides a toolkit of lighting design that traditional daylighting methods cannot achieve. We are looking forward to this first installation in Toronto and many more to come in Canada, the United States, and Europe”.

SunCentral’s innovative technology surpasses traditional daylighting methods by delivering both natural and LED light to the core of multi-story buildings. Utilizing full spectrum sunlight, SunCentral products are proven to significantly improve lighting conditions within buildings and as a result, the happiness and well being of building users. This project is a testament to growing confidence in SunCentral’s technology and unique sunlighting products.

Source: SunCentral



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