Cavallo Point Eco Friendly Spot LEED Gold


This Sausalito, CA property provides a long list of green initiatives to make any eco-friendly visitor feel at home.

In addition to being awarded LEED Gold Certification for its re-use of historic materials, green building elements and landscaping with native plants, Cavallo Point also aims to meet the Green Seal Environment Standard for U.S. Lodging Properties.

In order to maintain their eco-friendly environment, Cavallo Point partakes in a long list of sustainable lifestyle choices, including: Using energy efficient appliance (light bulbs, refrigerators and computers that automatically switch to sleep mode), use programmable thermostats, motion sensors and other controls to redue heating and cooling costs, elimate Styrofoam food and beverage containers, use cloth napkins in the restaurant, recycle plastic containers, use refillable soap dispensers, plenty more according to sources.



Written by greenguruguides

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