Chevy Volt 2014 Review

So the test for the 2014 was done during this past winter and the story focused on that aspect of the Volt technology. Here is a segment:

Even though this particular test was performed in the coldest part of the winter, the 2014 Chevrolet Volt stood out. The average mpg was 97 mpg. The worst mpg was 75 mpg and the best was 999 miles per gallon.

Not surprising since reported in 2011, “Volt owners drove an average of 800 miles between fill-ups since the Volt launched in December, and in March they averaged 1,000 miles,” said Cristi Landy, Volt marketing director. “When the majority of miles driven are electrically, gas usage decreases significantly.”

EV1 History and Technnology in the Volt
In 1996, GM produced and leased the EV-1 which was considered the Corvette of electric cars in the 90’s but by 2003, the manufacturers determined that the electric car was not commercially viable and ended the leases. Instead of selling the formerly leased vehicles to the public, the manufacturers decided to crush the cars.

Chevy Volt