Curb Water Waste

Wake Up Sprinklers with a Springtime Spruce-Up

With  the arrival of spring and warmer temperatures, now is the perfect time to get your irrigation system off the snooze button with a little “sprinkler spruce-up” to ensure it’s operating efficiently. Maybe your system has been inactive for the winter, or it may have been damaged by the harsh weather. Before you take your sprinkler system out of hibernation, use a little “water sense” and take four simple steps to get it ready for efficient operation—inspect, connect, direct, and selectEPA Water Sense

  • Inspect your irrigation systems for clogged, broken, or missing sprinkler heads and replace where necessary.
  • Connect sprinkler heads tightly to pipes or hoses to prevent water pooling in your landscape and leaks that could drown your favorite plants.
  • Direct spray away from your driveway and sidewalk to water only your lawn or plants.
  • Select a watering schedule that meets your yard’s minimum needs, or better yet, select a WaterSense® labeled irrigation controller, which uses local weather data to take the guesswork out of scheduling.


If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, go with a pro—look for an irrigation professional certified through a WaterSense labeled certification program to help maintain your system. And even if you don’t have an automatic irrigation system, you can make your yard more water-smart. On your next trip to the nursery, look for plants that are local to your region or labeled “drought tolerant.”