White House Sources Confirm They Know Hair Can Cleanup the Gulf Coast.

They Did Not Know BP Declined To Work With Cleaner Oil Removers.

Now that the BP’s oil spill is worse that the Exxon Valdez, I thought that it would be important to ask the Obama Administration’s if they were going to start in on the cleanup process naturally.

Off-the record Sources from the Obama Administration did acknowledge the Administration was aware of the story that hair could soak up the oil better than the chemical dispersants.  That is part of the reason they stopped using such toxic chemicals.  This Source was not aware that BP received all the necessary information regarding the hair filtration bouys using hair and declined to utilize it.  More importantly they weren’t even aware that hay (of all things) soaks up oil and floats.

Oil BP cleanup
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Contacted White House Press Office

After several conversation with the White House press office, sources have expressed the need to cleanup the site as quickly as possible and not cause environmental harm.  However, as we all know, this is not enough for a response to the BP Oil Spill.  While President Obama expressed concern recently and said his daughter asked him to plug the hole, we are stil not doing what should be done.

Film maker and science researcher David Sereda says:

“I have been dealing with NOAA and Boeing on this oil spill. So far, all progressive ideas about using natural microbes to bio-remediate the oil have been ignored. We have a company with 8 million pounds of cotton waste product with live organisms that sequester oil from the water and eat the oil..

BTW, David wears many additional hats, including author, space scientist, physicist, ecologist and spiritual explorer. He spoke in Congress for Clean Fusion Power in 1993, and has marketed sustainable housing, breakthroughs in oil spill clean-up, solar, wind and hydrogen.

The video below shows to guys mopping up crude oil with ordinary hay.  No chemicals no nothing.

Too little, too late for the oil gusher in the Gulf?  All I know is that we may have to “make hay while the sun shines” as the old farmers’ saying goes — regarding support of clean energy-technology breakthroughs –  before the cost of the Gulf tragedy clouds over the global economy.  New Energy Movement Canada

What do I think they should nd could they do?  Use the in the Navy.  While the Navy is also overseeing the BP cleanup efforts. So sources have revealed that the administration has that HAIR AND HAY can solve these problems.  Let’s just get them out there so we can solve this problem immediately.

Use hay and start the cleanup!

Use hair bouys too and use them as rakes over the water tied to a boat so they don’t sink! 

Do something innovative. 

Do something right. 

That’s what the American People want.