From the first in global LED production

As professor of Electrical Engineering in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, executive secretary of Taiwan LED Industry Alliance, supervisor of Consumers Foundation, and an ordinary -consumer, in every speech, Dr. Horng-Ching Hsiao sonorously vows and encourages industry professionals that any manufacturing electrical appliances, electronic products, should at least have a life span of five years, or else it is considered a scum, a waste of resources! His point being: everything must come from consumer’s standpoint.

Taiwan moves towards a low-carbon and eco-friendly economy

In view of the climate change and the urgent need for sustainable development, Taiwan is now moving towards a low-carbon and eco-friendly economy. More attention has been paid to the requirements of carbon emission reduction and ecologically-friendly green products and services. The Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) was established in March 2011 to achieve “A greener life, a greener world.” The following are the tasks of the Green Trade Project Office.● Enhancing Taiwan’s competitiveness and increasing local companies’ green awareness; ● Promoting made-in-Taiwan green products and services abroad; ● Assisting Taiwanese enterprises to seek international green business opportunities; ● Presenting the excellencies of Taiwan’s well-established green supply chainFor more information, please check GTPO’s website at http://www.greentrade.org.tw/
[Source: Green Trade Project Office and The News Market]

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