The Evolution and Future Growth of Renewable Energy

As you may know, Time magazine has released its top 100 most influential figures, including Tony Fadell, engineer of the Smart Home. This decision clearly showcases the importance of alternative solutions to the energy crisis. Smart Homes and the development of Smart Cities, alongside new renewable energy sources, point to a larger commitment and continued growth of the alternative and renewable energy field. I just wanted to bring to your attention an infographic from the New Jersey Institute of Technology that illustrates the growth of the renewable energy sector alongside the growth of the US economy. Currently there is $260-290 billion invested in renewable energy investments, and there are countless other advancements, from Concentrated Solar Power to tidal power to storage of energy.

This all contributes and proves that the renewable energy section is growing and has great promise for job growth and better environmental practices. Check out the informative infographic by the New Jersey Institute of Technology titled, “The Evolution and Future Growth of Renewable Energy.”Evolution-Of-Renewable-Energy-RedLogo-Compressed

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