This funky fresh new Fresh Wave Fresh Pod is “designed for unobtrusive odor elimination in tight spaces.” Yeah, let’s be clear here; it’s great inside the trash can in your house.

So many times I’m cooking and trash becomes inevitable. This was THE ONLY PRODUCT that cures the smell until you take that trash out so BIG UP!!

It’s only 4.125″ wide x .625″ thick x 5.125″ long and has one Fresh Wave Pearl Pack inside with the great smells of outdoors.

It stuck to the inside of my trash can and doesn’t rip the trash bag on the way out (full to the rim).

The refillable Fresh Wave Pearl Pack last up to 60 days so when it gets funky in the kitchen it’s time to replace the pod.

Check it out. I’m not kidding. Yes they are a client but I just don’t write stuff. That’s not cool. This product is!!20140711-131539-47739060.jpg