Kia Soul Test Drive 2014 got 30 MPG. Too excited for EV at 999 MPG

Well this one is for the books. The Kia Soul Test Drive 2014 got 30 MPG. Too excited for EV at 999 MPG!!

Here are some of the cool things I liked about the car.

It has hand-stitched Leather-Wrapped Steering Wheel and matching Gearshift Knob offer a luxurious feel and add sophisticated style to the Soul.

All the seats had ventilated heat or cool driver and passenger seats that circulate air.

It had green LED lighting in the door handles and through the dash board. Great for extra touch.

Talk about massive sunroof. This one covered almost the entire roof. Too much fun!!

So Kia get ready for my detailed review on and also please get me the all electric version I saw at the NY International Auto Show in 2014!!

Source: Kia Motors






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