Urgency Network is a new entity merging the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Richard Branson, and Linkin Park offer ultimate fan experiences to launch new fundraising and awareness platform THE URGENCY NETWORK.
Linkin Park
Linkin Park
The Urgency Network connects nonprofits, musicians,celebrities, fans, and brands in a single online community to create positive impact on a global scale.
The Urgency Network is working with several partners to assure that each Grand Prize will be an incredible experience from beginning to end.
“We’re proud that we will be collaborating with like-minded startups such as Airbnb and Lyft to deliver truly unique experiences for our users and increase the impact we can make for nonprofits,” commented co-founder Donald Eley.
While it’s free to participate, fans who donate can choose from a variety of rewards like concert tickets, merchandise, memorabilia and vouchers as a thank you.
Additionally, The Urgency Network provides top-performing campaigns an opportunity to win a portion of The Jackpot,which is fueled by foundations and corporate sponsors.
The first Jackpot up for grabs was a $1 million dollar media grant provided by PVBLIC Foundation who harnesses the power of unused media space to help nonprofits amplify their message.
The Urgency Network’s launch campaigns included: 
  • Meet and greet with Richard Branson in New York City (Carbon War Room)
  • Backstage experiences with Paul McCartney at Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco (Greenpeace)
  • Trips to Japan to hang out with Linkin Park at Summer Sonic Festival (Music For Relief)

Whether you donated five dollars or a fortune, five minutes or a weekend: no good deed goes unrewarded.



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Here’s the FYI on the Organizations and Associations

Regarding the celebrity associations – Urgency Network partners with charities which have a global impact, such as Carbon War Room (which is supported by Richard Branson) and GreenPeace (which is supported by Paul McCartney). 
These celebs have agreed to provide an incredible experience as the grand prize for a fundraising and awareness campaign for the charity which they support. 
The goal was to raise as much money and awareness as possible throughout the duration of a campaign on the Urgency Network.