You know you need the latest iPhone, but you probably don’t know that throwing your old one away can create some serious problems for the environment. Another crucial deet you might not know? Throwing away your old phone could mean throwing away some serious cash. The good news? You can ditch both these concerns on your next trip the mall thanks to a super cool new creation called ecoATM that I have reported about before.ecoATM

Here’s the skinny: Americans toss a ton of cell phones – not to mention loads of other electronics – in the trash. In a nation where we camp outside Apple stores to get a hold of the latest and greatest smart phone, you’re probably not surprised that we end up replacing our phones an average of every 18 months. What might come as a bit more of a shock is that when you toss your old phone into the garbage, you’re contributing towards quite the build-up of some pretty gross (not to mention dangerous) stuff. Our phones are full of toxins like arsenic, copper, lead, and zinc, which can get into our bodies through contaminated water, food, and air, when we ditch them improperly. From there, these toxinslandfill can wreak havoc on everything from our immune systems to our reproductive systems. Thanks, but we’ll take a pass.

ecoATMs are a super-simple way to avoid adding to the deluge of toxic e-waste creeping into landfills. These 900 automated, self-serve kiosks across the country make it simple for consumers to responsibly recycle their old mobile phones, tablets and MP3 players for cash. Place your

ecoATM kiosk in Jefferson Valley Mall, Cortlandt, NY
ecoATM kiosk in Jefferson Valley Mall, Cortlandt, NY

phone on the kiosks’ nifty little test stations and receive an offer for your phone right away based on its global market price. Upgrading your pristine iPhone 5S for a metallic model? You could easily pocket a couple hundred bucks. Got an ancient Blackberry that’s seen better days? That trade-in may only cover the cost of your next latte, or not fetch any cash at all, but at least you know that you’re getting rid of it responsibly. It’s a win for you, and for planet Earth.

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