Alternative eco friendly central heating solutions

Alternative eco friendly central heating solutions

By: Elliot Evans

What a fantastic summer 2014 has been so far! With many currently in the process of building or renovating their homes and workplaces I feel it is necessary to point out the most beneficial eco friendly and surprising to some, yes that’s right money saving heating solutions. As depressing as it sounds we aren’t that far away from winter.

Here we have collected the very best and most cost effective eco friendly heating solutions for your home, work places, garages, stables etc.

Wood burning boilers
Of course this is dependant firstly on the size of boiler you have installed. A biomass wood-burning boiler will perform as a replacement or as a supplement to your existing boiler. One of the many benefits from using this system is that of course by burning a wood based fuel it actually only releases the precise amount of carbon dioxide as was absorbed throughout the period of the trees growth, summing up that this fuel doesn’t add any more carbon dioxide to the environment. What’s even more ideal is that if your trees are sourced locally less fuel will be consumed in the transportation. Biomass heating systems are fully beneficial to helping our planet by not relying on the rapidly diminishing fossil fuels.

Electric radiators
Before you jump to conclusions in relation to traditional oil electric radiators you may want to reconsider your views, as advanced energy efficient electric radiators have become a more viable option in recent times. With their precise thermostatic controls and 24-hour temperature management systems they have now become a highly energy efficient way to heat your home. Running costs are from as little as a few pence per hour although this is based on being signed onto a competitive electricity tariff so it may be an excellent idea to find out just how much you are likely to save by switching. The other significant advantage to using these radiators is that they’re pipe less meaning they’re entirely portable compared to traditional heating systems, whether that means carrying your electric radiator into the next room or even another building for that matter the options are endless. There are no costly plumbing fees of laying expensive pipe work. So whether you are situated in a home with no gas supply or would like a cost effective heating system installed in your workshop, garage or stables the portability and energy efficiency of these products really is astonishing. With the right infrastructure in place electric radiators are a completely green viable option when considering environmental aspects of heating.

Ground source heat pumps
Ground source heat pumps use underground pipes to extract heat energy from the ground. They do this by circulating a mixture of both water and anti freeze across a pipe called a ground loop. Heat beneath the ground is soaked up into the liquid eventually passing through the heat exchanger and into the heat pump. Believe it or not the ground actually stays at a relatively consistent temperature so that this systems is still useable in the frostiest of winter months. They length of the underground loop depends mostly on the size of the property and that amount of heat that is required. Larger loops can certainly extract more heat but require more space to be buried with. Sometimes when space is on the tight side a borehole can be drilled as an alternative. Of course this heat can be used with traditional infrastructure such as radiators, hot water and under floor heating.

I hope we have given you an insight into alternative ways in which you can heat your home and buildings. Of course there are many more options available but the ones we have highlighted are the most commercial and eco friendly in not only saving you money but more importantly reducing your carbon footprint.

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