ASMO Charger looks modest and the idea behind it is simple – yet it’s a
gadget that has the potential to revolutionize the electricity
consumption in the whole world.

Mobile charging devices do not consume electricity only when they are in
use, but always while plugged in. This is a problem that big mobile
manufacturers have been trying to solve with no success. ASMO is the
first charger in the whole world that switches automatically off when
you unplug your phone – and back on, when you reattach it! This makes in
a charger that saves money and environment while increasing fire safety.

People tend to leave their chargers plugged in while not in use – The
amount of energy that is wasted this way every year is shocking: The
global amount of mobile phones has already reached 7 billion and
counting, and the wasted energy equals the energy production of 2
nuclear power plants for one year.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions in @ASMOCharger and the ASMO Charger website.IMG_2180.JPG



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