Fresh Wave Crystal Gel Design Collection Smells Amazing!

So in my house there are alot of reasons it’s gonna possibly smell.

First, we have a dog that isn’t totally smelly but likes to lick the couch and overtime will smell if not groomed. We also needed something that would look nice in the living room since it’s the main room in the house.

Thanks to Fresh Wave, I tested the Crystal Gel Design Collection for use on my mantle in the living room. Recently I came home and it smelled so awesome. That made me realize the awesomeness of this product.

As the say:
Delivering a higher standard in odor elimination, so they say at Fresh Wave; which comes in a cool “decorative package”.

Ideal for any room in your home and designed to complement any decor. Just be aware, the 18oz. Crystal Gel bag eliminates odors for up to 90 days, safely and naturally. So get ready to refill afterward.

Source: Fresh Wave