Sunrise, FL – At the intersection of nature and science is a good night’s sleep. Sunrise-based distributors Best Rest USA have found that intersection and are proud to introduce “Lux by Naturalia” to the American market as a high quality eco-friendly mattress designed to naturally give you a good night’s sleep.

Best Rest worked with its partners almost two years to develop “Lux by Naturalia,” an innovative and health-conscious mattress with sister companies, Naturalia and Poligon who have been developing mattresses in Spain since 1982. “Lux by Naturalia” is now available on the American market and provides an affordable yet luxurious mattress based on the newest in ECOfoam™ Visco Soy technology developed by partner company Eurospuma.

Visco soy technology transforms vegetable oils into foam mattresses using a molecular reconstruction process for quality and consistency. The Visco foam does not have any kind of odor and has high air permeability which means it always feels fresh. It is the ideal solution for a green bedding product. Mattress companies Poligon and Naturalia pair this technology with other materials to complete the high quality eco-friendly mattress.

“We have designed one of the greenest, most sustainable and revolutionary solutions for the mattress industry,” said Juan Gonzalez, one of the initial co-founders. “We wanted to design something that would have all of the healing and comfort and contouring options of a regular memory foam but without any chemicals, toxins and off-gassing.”

The entire mattress is sourced and produced in Europe and naturally repels bedbugs, dust mites, and moths. It is one of the most sustainable, environmentally conscious and biodegradable mattresses on the market today and is ideal for anyone suffering a medical ailment that needs better sleep with no toxins. It also has two different sides for heating and cooling and the foam is removable from the mattress for easy dry cleaning.

“We only used the best materials for a luxurious experience with Cashmere, Bamboo, our signature Visco Soy all incorporated into this memory foam mattress that has zero springs,” said Eduardo Bautista, co-founder.

The mattress, which has now earned the prestigious 100% Oekotex Certified label, provides superb comfort and offers relief to the body’s resting pressure points: knees, hips, and shoulders. It’s also ideal for customers who suffer from allergies, arthritis, sports injuries, and many common back ailments. Oekotex certification, which ensures that no toxins or chemicals are used in the making of the product, is so stringent that only a handful of mattress companies worldwide can meet the requirements to be partially certified, let alone 100% Oekotex certified.

“I have finalized my evaluation of your mattress after a couple of weeks of personal use and also as a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. I never detected any real smell that many patients complain about when buying memory foam mattresses,” said Dr. Jeffrey S. Penner, Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, Atlantic Orthopaedics. “It was readily apparent that Poligon Naturalia focused a great deal on quality and exceptional materials. Poligon Naturalia’s mattress is by far the most unique mattress I have ever encountered…I could not give a more positive evaluation.”

Source: Best Rest USA. Naturalia by Poligon, Eurospuma
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