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Everyone will agree that it is rather unpleasant situation to experience problems with bugs in your home. Especially if you have children this problem could become very serious as they are usually more afraid of all kinds of bugs no matter of their size or type. Almost every person has had such kind of problems and you are probably well familiar with the fact that there are now many alternative and eco ways in which to cope with the nasty bugs that appear from time to time in your home and to preserve it clean, green and in proper condition.

We are sure that there are hundreds of products offered in stores, that promise to deal right now with this problem, but if you stick to more alternative methods that are health and eco friendly, this article would be perfect for you. One advantage of using eco friendly ways to remove the bugs is that you won’t need to use all these poisonous products that could be dangerous for your health and the health of your family. Here is the list with some appropriate advice on how to manage with these unpleasant situation without the help of the pesticides.

The decision with the vacuuming
Vacuuming turns out to be very effective and safe way to deal with the bugs, especially for the bed bugs. In this way you will remove them and you will also destroy their shelter. You need to look under the mattresses and furniture in your home and also look in some places that are usually forgotten to be cleaned. Do not forget to empty the vacuum when you are done with the cleaning and TenancyClean advice you to put the vacuum bag for about 24 hours before you take up with the killing of the bugs.

The problem with the holes
If you have problem with the bugs in your home, one of the most important things that you need to do is to seal up the holes and crevices in your home where bugs may hide. If you isolate their place of living you won’t need to turn to the use of the unpleasant and sometimes even dangerous pesticides. In spite the fact that this is not a real eco friendly way, it is a preventive measure that can ensure you easy decision to your problems with bugs.

Also, as Eden Advanced Pest Control reported for The Green Living Guy they understand the delicate balance between respect for the environment and revulsion for disease-ridden pests. For instance, they also appreciate the ecological role of spiders, but that doesn’t mean we give them free reign inside our homes.

They also talked about the dangers of traditional pest control; for the health of both the environment and families, noxious pesticides. As well:

• Rodents carry disease and gnaw through everything from pipes to electrical wire.
• Spiders and snakes are just plain creepy, although very few are venomous.
• Birds and bats can cause major damage by nesting in chimneys, attics and eaves.
• Cockroaches carry diseases and ruin anyone’s appetite.
• Ants may still be active in the winter, since Pacific Northwest temperatures rarely dip below freezing. Some ants are unsanitary kitchen companions; others may actually bore through your home’s structural support, resulting in costly damage.

The soapy decision to your problems
One very popular and green measure to deal with bugs and especially with ants is by using soapy water against them. Whenever you see them we advise you to wipe the area with soapy water and to wait for some time. We guarantee that this eco method will be effective at least for a while. Apart from this another useful advice is to fix the leaking faucets and pipes and to keep the things dry in your home In this way you will make sure that the ants won’t disturb you I any way.

The unpleasant cockroaches
We are quite sure that when it comes to cockroaches everyone is frightened and disgusted by these bugs. The cockroaches are often the worst room mates and many people experience difficulties when dealing with them. One very interesting and green method to deal with the cockroaches is to place a bowl of pet food and water in some soapy water to stay for the night. Look the morning for the results and you will be more than pleased to observe the positive effect of this eco method. For thorough effectiveness we advise you to repeat the same procedure and to clean everything carefully before continuing with other areas

The problem with bugs is often very hard to be solved without using pesticides, however by knowing some useful green tricks and tips you can prevent further problems with this issue.IMG_2321.JPG

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