Discussing Green Well-Behaved Building

Like me, if you’re working on reducing energy and resource use and enhancing sustainability, well-being and community in buildings, the Garrison Institute has an invitation for you!!

October 8 – 10 please join your fellow building owners, managers, researchers and community organizers for our annual Climate, Buildings and Behavior symposium, which deals with the human dimensions of improving building performance, including energy use behavior.

This year’s meeting, “The Well-Behaved Building: Developing Community, Well-Being and Resilience in Buildings,” explores behavioral and holistic approaches that help make buildings into thriving communities while improving efficiency. Presenters include leading building experts like:
Barbara Ciesla, Gina Ciganik, Rachel Gutter, John McIlwain, Jonathan Rose and others, as well as thought leaders from relevant fields like sociologist Jenni Cross, teacher Steve Ritz, activist Alexie Torres-Fleming, resilience expert Andrew Zolli and meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg.. A roundup of presenters and their topics is below.

The symposium is held at the Garrison Institute, a beautiful, renovated monastery on the Hudson River an hour north of Manhattan on the MetroNorth train line. Scholarships are available for non-profit professionals. You can learn more and register here, or call the Institute at 845-424–4800.

Presenters and Topics

The Well-Behaved Building

Jonathan Rose, President, Jonathan Rose Companies & Co-Founder, Garrison Institute

Resident Engagement in Multi-Family Buildings (workshop)
Jeni Cross, Sociologist, Director of Research, Institute for the Built Environment, Colorado State University

Building Resilience in Buildings
Andrew Zolli, Curator, PopTech & author of Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back

Action Planning for Resilience at Home and at Work: A How-To
John McIlwain, Director, Climate, Mind and Behavior Program, Garrison Institute & Ronald Terwilliger Chair for Housing at the Urban Land Institute

Green Buildings Inside and Out
Steve Ritz, Teacher, Bronx Green Machine

Occupant Engagement in Commercial Buildings (Workshop)

Barbara Ciesla, Senior Vice President, Occupier Strategies & Solutions, Jones Lang LaSalle

New Tools You Can Use: Positive Impact points
Wendy Gordon,Co-Founder and CEO, 3P Partners

Motivational Interviews
Sarah Gibson, Director of Client Services, Brand Cool

(Re)Building Community in and Across Buildings
Alexie Torres-Fleming, Founder, Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice

John Petersen, Systems Ecologist & Director, Environmental Studies Program, Oberlin College

Cultivating a Culture of Wellness: Finding Meaning in Our Work
Sharon Salzberg, Insight Meditation Teacher, and author of Real Happiness at Work

Optional Workshop: Bringing Contemplative Practices to Your Workplace led by Sharon Salzberg with John McIlwain

Wellbeing and the Built Environment
Esther Sternberg M.D., Institute for Place and Wellbeing, University of Arizona (invited)

Taking best practices to the next level: Living Building Challenge
Gina Ciganik, Vice President of Housing Development, Aeon

Sustainability Natives in Every Building
Rachel Gutter, Director, Center for Green Schools

Resilient People in Resilient Places: The takeway

Facilitated Group Discussion




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