Energy Efficiency Needed in Almost Everywhere!

In an age where energy use is high – investments in energy efficiency provides massive savings for individuals, households and businesses. I produced this info-graphic to highlight the amount of energy buildings are currently using and what they are forecasted to consume in the future. By taking a few simple and effective measures people can help to make buildings more energy efficient and therefore save money and protect the environment.

In the info-graphic you will learn that consumer electronics & computer equipment represent 15% of global residential electricity consumption. In fact, energy used by these devices is expected to triple by 2030 unless actions are taken to increase energy efficiency.

Source: Window and Door Guys


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  1. Great post! I like how this blog post was formatted and showing where we are the least efficient in energy usage. It doesn’t surprise me that electrical usage is substantially increasing and there needs to be alternative solutions to this problem and I think I can provide some insight to become energy efficient. It is an ozone laundry system that cleans fabrics with minimal amounts of detergent without having to heat water. An example of these systems is the Wash It and if you want to be a little more efficient I recommend getting one!

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