A while back I went with my wife to eat at the Rouge Tomate.  It is a restaurant at the old location of the Copa Cobana in Manhattan and blocks away from CBS, Apple Store and fun stores. Well, this restaurant knows how to make a meal.  It was good and healthy.  I didn’t walk away from the meal sying I was full. I went away saying I felt good.  That was a great feeling.

Then I started to learn about this place.  It’s a Member of the Green Restaurant Association which sets the industry standard in sustainable, environmentally-conscious dining. Not just that.  Meaning, they also use energy-efficient equipment, ecologically certified woods, recycled materials and composting galore.

Quick thing about the composting.  When I asked how much trash the Executive Chef on staff told me they reduce trash by 75% conservatively by composting!!  Now that’s conserving!

Founded by Emmanuel Verstraeten in Belgium, Rouge Tomate opened in New York in 2008 and is the first American restaurant to follow a specific, proprietary nutrional guideline called SPE (Sourcing, Preparing, Enhancing).  The restaurant houses a registered dietitian on staff, Natalia Rusin, who works hand-in-hand with the culinary team.

The meal was amazing. I’ll be working on this story during the day and will describe the menu (with piks too).

Yet, this is a great  green restaurant.

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