Of All Places. Best Charging Spots for Hotels in Capital District of New York

Thanks to the business community of GE (General Electric), a collaboration with Hampton Inns around the area that installed charging stations in their parking lots and Hertz rental, the most used EVs at hotels for Hertz is in the Capital District in New York State.

After speaking with their great EV staff at Hertz (Asaf Selinger) and coordinating with Hilton Hotels and the Hampton Inn, I toured around the area in a Chevy Volt and charged up at the locations.

Without question the EV function never died and could be driven all electric.

It seems like Hertz wants to get this EV connection right and with the proper collaboration with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) we are able to see EV mobility in action. Best part it’s in one of the least expected places in the Country. I say stay tuned for more from these companies. It looks like a great collaboration.



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