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This review I provided to is about a great LED lamp. The MSi Lighting PAR 38 lamp rocks. It has been in my house since 2009. Still going strong. Like no issue. So I really hope you enjoy this review.

Here is a sample:

There are PAR 38 LED lamps and then there is an MSi lamp. Frankly none other compares. Other lighting companies try to duplicate their work but nothing has reached its technological advancements or brightness. More importantly as many bulbs have been tested for years inside and outside of a building; none have stood up like the MSi X-PAR 38.

Easily Replaces and Halogen Lamp

MSi Lighting PAR 38 LED Lamp
MSi Lighting PAR 38 LED Lamp

MSi has PAR 38 lamps in both a 14 watt (W) non dimmable and 15W dimmable replacement. These bulbs easily can replace any and all 100W halogen PAR lamps in your home or building. These bulbs are in many places across the United States. It lights up the Liberty Bell and also is in furniture stores, Macy’s, Nine West, Jones New York, Smithsonian’s and many other types of businesses across the country.

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