Hilton Hotels Saving Billions of Trees in Hampton Inn Alone!

While traveling to the Hampton Inn hotels in Upstate New York to see the electric vehicle chargers located in that area, I was informed by one of the hotel managers that all Hampton Inn Hotels (owned by Hilton) are using Enviroware products. Enviroware products that are “manufactured from natural non-wood fibres such as bamboo, sugar cane and reed, which are a renewable and sustainable resource. This range is strong, rigid and fully compostable.”

So let’s go beyond the slogans for a minute and really see what this means in saving trees because that is what the Green Living Guy does.

Here are some basic common factors that can help determine what they are really doing.

  1. According to the EPA, the packaging and containers used in the food service industry account for a significant portion (23 percent) of the municipal solid waste stream in the United States, equal to about 39 million tons per year.
  2. A single ton of waste reduced equals 14 trees
  3. The DoubleTree hotels save about 25 Million tons of emissions estimated by using these Enviroware type products. Those hotels are only about 680 plus hotels.
  4. The Hampton Inn hotels has over 2,000 hotels which is over three times more of an impact.

Ok, enough with the stats. If we save a conservative average of 17 trees according to the University of Colorado per one single ton of emissions saved. So here we go now because with an estimated 75 Million tons of emissions saved by the Hampton Inn hotels alone, the EPA estimates that it is equal to planting or saving (take your pick) over 1.75 Billion (yes with a B) of trees in 10 years by using Enviroware products!

So when a company says they are going to do something, look beyond their numbers to see what they really are doing! They are phenominal results.




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