ESC Green gets EPIC (Environmentally – Passive – Integrated – Chamber)

By: Marc Price

We are having a bit of an environmental crisis in Los Angeles right now. And no, it’s not due to too much left over silicone from plastic surgery – it’s the drought.

California is having serious issues thanks to the ongoing drought (as I’m sure you know) and I decided to do something about it. I’m your typical Hollywood product – comedian/famous child actor in Family Ties, turned producer, so I started creating some comedy TV shows promoting eco-friendliness and sustainability. While driving my car and breathing in the smog, naturally.

During these shows I came across a technology that harvests rain water and condensation and can reuse grey water without health concerns, through a unique sub-irrigation and sand hydroponics system. It harvests and recycles water, so once the plants have drunk the water they need, the leftover water goes back into the underground reservoir. This way no water is wasted.

I’ve had the good fortune of meeting Tomas and Jonas Sipaila the brilliant father and son team that figured all this out, based on the scientific principles of capillary rise and gravity.

With this system, even in a desert climate, you may get by with available rain water to grow anything year-round even in the dry summer months, whether you use it for parks, fields, lawns, greenhouses, or even big agriculture.

The problem? No one seems to know about it. I called city parks, hospitals, farmers, and so on and realized most of them had no clue these kind of sub-irrigation sand hydroponics systems exist. Currently these systems are in use and proven effective in the Middle East, and some little known installations in California and Nevada. (See this article for further information about a successful installation in Los Angels:

So my question to you, is if you would be interested in running a piece about water conservation in general and this irrigation system, known as EPIC (Environmentally – Passive – Integrated – Chamber) in particular? There are various angles you could approach it from – use me as a comedian/child star turned environmentalist; compare irrigation systems available on the market; or simply talk about how we can avoid further negative consequences of droughts with the turbulent climate changes we are experiencing at the moment.

The important thing is that right now California (and other parts of the world) are having drought issues of epic proportions. There are farmers, home owners and entire cities suffering because of this. As a public person I think it’s my responsibility to bring as much light to the issue as possible, but even more so: show that there are solutions. Us Angelenos will be a dying breed otherwise and the world deserves at least one dumb romantic comedy from Hollywood each year.

My research into these matters has shed light on the techniques and systems that are available that truly alleviate water management issues. We need an affordable solution that works and that doesn’t cost the Earth.

You can find more information about EPIC here:

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