CES 2015 Gardening Gadgets Infographic
Source: Organic Lesson

The gardening world has made huge strides since the days when most people were limited to using shovels and wheelbarrows to aid their gardening efforts. Recently, the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas showcased a number of great technologies to aid gardeners of all levels and experiences. In the following infographic created by Organic Lesson, you can find a teaser of six excellent gardening devices that are likely to have a good impact in the upcoming years.

As you browse through the devices, you will notice that there is a common theme between a few of them. Cloud technology has made great strides in recent years but it hasn’t been too applicable to gardening until now. Taking the Edyn garden sensor and GreenIQ for example, gardeners can now track real-time environmental metrics such as soil moisture and cross-reference that would an online cloud database in order to make informed decisions on plant care. A similar story applies to devices like the Droplet. People who do their gardening outdoors can now get their hands on a device that would automate the watering process for them based on current and future weather patterns. Environmental concerns is becoming a lot more prominent, and sustainable gardening (with the help of these devices) is just one of the many ways one can play a part in keeping earth a clean and healthy place.