Green Business MoveLoot Simply will get rid of your Loot Correctly

Each year, 10.8M tons of furniture goes into US landfills – making it one of the largest landfill categories. San Francisco-based startup Move Loot is addressing that problem with the first curated online marketplace for secondhand furniture and décor.

Move Loot’s mission is to provide consumers with an alternative to buying “disposable” furniture at discount stores such as Target and IKEA – items that are destined for the curb in just a few short years. Instead, they can buy


and sell high quality secondhand furniture at via a consignment model, and keep perfectly good items out of a landfill.

How Move Loot works:

  • Sellers photograph furniture, and upload the photos and prices to Move Loot (via the mobile app or a laptop/desktop).
  • Move Loot collects the furniture, photographs it professionally, posts it online for sale, and stores it until it sells.
  • Buyers choose what they want via the mobile app or computer, pay online and schedule delivery to their doorstep via Move Loot movers, as soon as next day.
  • Following the traditional consignment model, sellers get a portion of the selling price, but Move Loot handles all of the hassle.


  • In keeping with Move Loot’s environmental values, items that don’t sell are eventually donated to local charities.

Move Loot’s business has been growing by 40 percent month over month as more Americans seek to sell their furniture rather than putting it on the curb, and look to purchase/recycle furniture rather than buy new but cheaply made pieces. A graduate of the tech accelerator Y Combinator, Move Loot has raised $2.8M in seed funding and is expanding quickly. The service is currently available in San Francisco, Raleigh-Durham, NC and Charlotte, NC; the company has been expanding to new cities at the rate of about one every 8 weeks.

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