SF Food App Handpick Launches as the Largest Searchable Collection of Food Posts

Handpick Receives $3 Million in Series A Funding

San Francisco – January 30, 2015 — Innovative food discovery app Handpick today officially launched its iOS app and website in the U.S., as well as announced its Series A funding. The new app allows food lovers access to over 10 million socially shared food posts from Instagram, hundreds of unique food blogs, and top recipe sites. Handpick’s unique semantic technology also recommends ingredient pairings based on what users have on hand. Handpick’s 10 million socially shared food posts include dishes from 1.6 million content creators worldwide. Download the Handpick app at


“We started Handpick to let users input what they already have in their kitchen and find dish ideas using those ingredients,” said Payman Nejati, Handpick chief executive officer. “We’re curating the best dishes from Instagram and top food blogs, making it easy to discover how people around the world use your favorite ingredients.”

Series A Funding
Handpick has received $3 million in Series A funding after just 9 months of inception. The round was led by ClearVue Partners. Handpick is also backed by angel investors with deep experience throughout the food supply chain including SINODIS founder Jean Pierre Chesse, Cathay Capital managing partner Mingpo Cai, and Schneider Electric CEO Jean Pascal Tricoire.

How Handpick Works
The app makes it easy to save interesting dish posts by adding them to topics which can be shared with others. By following different topics, users get notified when new dishes are added, making Handpick a reliable source for continuously refreshed food content. This means users can find dish topics titled anything from Gluten-free Desserts to 10 Best Superbowl Snacks to 7 Ways To Use Tofu.

With its new approach of curating content from Instagram, Handpick features over 10 million food posts, thus making it the world’s largest searchable collection of food. The company’s editorial team hand-picks the best dishes daily, allowing users to quickly and easily find great dish ideas without having to pore over thousands of results. The new app also allows users to pick and combine over 10,000 ingredients, more than any other food app available.


Key Features
1.Access over 10 million dish posts from around the world
2. The option to pick ingredients from a list of over 10,000 items and see what they combine well with
3. Become a content creator and publish topics based on favorite dishes and foods
4. Save interesting dishes and categorize by diet, occasions, ingredients, cuisines and more
5. Find recipes ranging from simple meals to gourmet dishes
6. Browse a curated feed of the best dishes from Instagram and the web, making it quick to find a dish or recipe

Source: www.handpick.com

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