Test Drive Results 2014 Lincoln MKZ hybrid electric car

Lincoln MKZ hybrid electric car

Amazing leather seating in @Lincolnmotorco #Lincoln #MKZ #hybrid #electric #car by Green Living Guy on Flickr.

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What I loved was that Lincoln was the first luxury automaker to offer a hybrid vehicle. That’s with the same base price as its gasoline counterpart. Both gasoline and hybrid versions of the MKZ have the same suggested retail price of $34,605. The test drive results are summed up in quietness, comfort and real power.

Several Reason Why this Hybrid is more Electric

Here are several reasons why the MKZ hybrid electric vehicle from Lincoln rocks. Most importantly on being energy efficient, green and an eco friendly hybrid.

1. Most noteworthy, the Lincoln MKZ hybrid car drives ALL electric up to 47 miles per hour. This is basically a city electric car given to you in a hybrid (two for the price on one).

2. According to the US Department of Energy estimates, if you drive Lincoln MKZ hybrid around town the mileage increases from the measly 41 miles per gallon it can become 220 miles per gallon.

3. So you hear the engine less. That’s because the more electric the vehicle drives and likes to drive. So most importantly that is zero tailpipe emissions.

4. Electric cars most importantly save energy, zero tailpipe emissions during an all electric commute.

5. By using an all electric car around you therefore even reduce tailpipe emissions and pollutants that go into the air.

Seemless Performance at 191 Horsepower

This vehicle is outfitted with Ford Motor Company 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine, permanent magnet electric motor and eCVT transmission. During the test there was a Lincoln MKZ Hybrid delivering seamless performance. In conclusion, the gas-electric powertrain is rated at 191 horsepower.

Car Feel

In conclusion, the feel of a Lincoln is the same as one would expect. First of all, the Leather interior with a comfortable electronic seating. A plush feel and easy to drive. As well, the shift from park to reverse and neutral are a simple push of a button. Also, the vehicle driven was fully loaded with every accessory. That’s from Microsoft Sync with Bluetooth and an impressive stereo system. The volume could be increased or decreased with a swipe of the finger.  There is a volume bar in the middle of the dash area for the stereo. board.

Finally and bottom line, the car was extremely luxurious. It therefore was  finally exceeding expectations for the price of about $45,000.

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