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The UK energy secretary approved a plan to build the world’s biggest offshore wind farm, a 500 km complex to be located off the coast of Yorkshire.

According to  providing energy to around 1.8 million British homes.

Creyke Beck wind farm was approved last week by the UK’s Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey. He underscored that since 2010, total investment in the country’s wind sector totalled £14.5 billion (US$22.4 billion), with 1,301 wind turbines currently in action – most of which are offshore – totalling a generating capacity of about 4GW.

UK is currently leading the wind market in Europe, accounting for 55.9% of the overall installed offshore wind capacity.

Ben Ferrari, Director of Corporate Partnerships, The Climate Group commented: “This data indicates that wind power sector is gaining traction within the wider energy market. This will further spur interest from European investors and businesses. If we look at the role played last year by partnerships and equity funding for renewables, it seems clear that utilities and institutional investors will deepen their involvement in wind energy over the next few years.”

But these numbers are particularly significant in the context of the 2020 and 2040 renewable energy targets set by the European Union. The UK is currently one of the biggest countries to be on track to meet the EU goal, which is to have renewables accounting for 20% of the total energy needs by 2020 and 27% by 2030.

Source: The Climate Group

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