FIA Initiates an Online Vow of Road Safety

The FIA is spearheading a FIA Action for Road Safety campaign with an online pledge to encourage motorists to observe the laws of the road. This pledge can be found on

The FIA is inviting everyone from the general public to motor sport and motoring communities to pledge their commitment to the 10 Golden Rules for safer motoring. These guidelines are designed to assist drivers in being more aware of their actions and duties to those in the car with them, and any other people on the roads.


The FIA has revealed that the 2014 Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, has joined their 2015 Action for Road Safety initiative as an ambassador. Jean Todt and Hamilton were the first to sign the pledge, aiming to illustrate to his fans the hazards of driving on the roads. Hamilton is the first of many famous ambassadors to be revealed in the near future.


Lewis Hamilton declared: “Not only as a Formula 1 driver, but more so as a World Champion, I strongly believe that I have a duty to encourage safe driving beyond the racetrack. The FIA’s 10 Golden Rules are basic instructions that everyone should abide by. I strongly urge my fans to observe them and demonstrate their agreement by signing the pledge.”


Jean Todt, President of the FIA, expressed: “Road safety is a key priority for the FIA. We are asking all road users to be accountable and to adhere to the laws on the road. By signing the pledge, you are making a personal promise to improve road safety, one of the major issues of today. We all have a role to play and together, we can save lives.”

The FIA is able to count on the assistance of Michelin, Coca-Cola, PETRONAS, Nissan and Iveco as its global partners and official supporters, respectively.

The FIA has launched a campaign to promote road safety, aptly named FIA Action for Road Safety. Its purpose is to help ensure that people are taking the appropriate steps to be safe when driving or walking on the roads. The campaign emphasizes the importance of wearing a seat belt, following speed limits, and not using a mobile phone while driving. It also highlights the need for adequate road infrastructure and the enforcement of traffic regulations.

In May 2011, the FIA launched the Action for Road Safety campaign in alignment with the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020, which is now halfway completed. With the aim to generate more awareness around this global issue, they are collaborating with their Member Clubs and partners, as well as relying on their prominent position in motor sport.

Road crashes are the leading cause of death for people aged between 15-29, causing 1.3 million fatalities annually and a further 50 million injuries. Furthermore, an alarming 500 children die on the roads across the globe each day.


The FIA, a governing body of motor sport, is responsible for the organization of numerous international competitions of a diverse range of motor sport disciplines. The organization of these events takes place in accordance with the FIA statutes and regulations. In addition, the organization of the events is also supervised in accordance with the FIA’s sporting code.

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Source: FIA

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