By John Roberts
Published January 16, 2015

Debbie Dooley — founder of the Atlanta Tea Party — is leading the charge.

“Being good stewards of our environment, craving energy freedom and choice is not a leftist issue. It’s not a radical right issue. It’s an American issue,” Dooley told Fox News.


Under current Florida law, only utilities can sell electricity to customers. Businesses and homeowners can install solar panels on their properties, but any excess electricity must be put back onto the grid.

The amendment this so-called “Green Tea Coalition” is aiming to put on the ballot would allow individuals or businesses with solar installations to sell power to tenants or neighbors. For example, if a shopping mall owner put a large solar panel array on the mall roof, they would be able to sell the electricity to the individual store tenants.

The law would also allow people to escape the big upfront costs of installing solar by ending the prohibition on leasing solar panels. Companies selling solar panels could put up an array in, say, a hotel parking lot, then lease the panels to the hotel for less than the cost of comparable electricity from the utility.

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