Sharps Compliance Corp., (Nasdaq: SMED) a leading full-service provider of cost-effective management solutions for medical waste and unused patient medications, is helping medical and other healthcare professional offices like doctors, dentists, vets, clinics, tattoo studios, and skilled nursing or assisted living facilities save time, money and the environment with a “GREEN” alternative to their traditional medical waste pick-up service.

Medical and other healthcare professional offices are discovering that they have an alternative to the traditional medical waste pick-up service. The nd San Antonio officials working together, implemented a 60 percent residential recycling rate (recycling rates are at only 30% nationwide), creating a program that decreases landfill space and energy consumption while removing 600,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent annually (equal to taking 130,000 cars off San Antonio roads each year) and creating well over 100 green jobs dedicated to recycling programs.  Cities like San Antonio play a strategically important role in the fight against climate change because they account for more than 70 percent of global CO2 emissions.  Sharps MailBack Recovery System keeps medical waste out of landfills, saves time and is half the cost to dispose with no frustrating long term contracts, unexpected price increases or surcharges.

Sharps Compliance is leading the way as pioneer of specially designed medical waste disposal containers called “mailbacks” that have removed more than 600 million potentially harmful syringes and over 90,000 pounds of unused medications from the solid waste stream.   The company has developed a patent-pending GREEN Waste Conversion ProcessT transforms medical waste into a new product called PELLA-DRXT – a clean, raw material used in the manufacture of industrial resources, vital to everything from highways to high-rises. The need is still enormous: each year up to 800,000 people are stuck by improperly discarded syringes that present the risk infection, and the drinking water of over 40 million Americans contains waste pharmaceuticals with unknown health consequences.

BOTTOM LINE: Wastewater treatment plants are not designed to remove pharmaceuticals from water supplies. For this reason, theOffice of National Drug Control Policy advises against flushing medications down the toilet.

“The Sharps MailBack Recovery System costs 50 percent less than the traditional pick-up service,” says Kent Lawson, DDS, Family & Cosmetic Dentists. “No more scheduling pick-ups, long-term contract requirements and unexpected price increases. It also addresses all types of medical waste generated in my office, not just syringes.”

Sharps Compliance’s first of its kind patent-pending GREEN Waste Conversion Process™ eliminates medical waste going into landfills by 100%. The process transforms discarded medical waste into a new product called PELLA-DRX™ a clean, raw material used in the manufacture of industrial resources, vital to everything from highways to high-rises.

“I never knew there was a green alternative for medical waste disposal until I was introduced to the Sharps Compliance MailBack Recovery System. I am very impressed that they keep my medical waste out of landfills,” says Hayley Nguyen, M.D., Family Practice.

“Sharps Compliance is the only medical waste disposal company that can repurpose my medical waste into new products and it’s a lot easier to use,” says Jeffrey Chalkley, Veterinarian, Westbury Animal Hospital & Pet Lodge.

Sharps Compliance Inc. is eliminating medical waste from America’s landfills, protecting people from the hazards of medical waste while saving time and money.