Bikes have completely taken over the Dublin, Ireland city streets.  it wasn’t just one thing but the infographic below will show parts of how this form of transport has taken over!

To start, just in New York City you have the Citi bicycles, in Dublin you have the Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes.  Here are their stats alone as of 17/02/2015.

Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes have taken almost 9.5 million journeys around Dublin since the scheme was launched. See all the latest figures here:

  • Almost 52,000 current long term subscribers
  • 745 short term subscribers so far this year
  • 9,456,201 journeys taken since launch in 2009!
  • The average duration of a Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes journey is 20 minutes
  • 95% of journeys are free
  • The busiest usage day was 2nd October 2014 with 15, 441 journeys taken

*As at 4th Feb, 2015

Here is the infographic

How Bikes Took Over Dublin [Infographic] by the team at Tracey Solicitors

Source: Tracey Solicitors–

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