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Look over 60 mpg is my new standard!

Without question, the 2014 Toyota Camry hybrid electric car was the most fuel efficient of any hybrid tested. Let’s not forget that in addition to the fuel economy, the 2014 Camry hybrid changed it’s design inside and out. Therefore, this car is a new breed to create a standard. While this XLE is rated at 39 miles per gallon (MPG) the best, it was an understatement.
This car performed on average in the 40 MPG with styling of a Lexus.

Toyota Camry Hybrid best MPG 62.1 mpg
Toyota Camry Hybrid best MPG 62.1 mpg

Luxury Feeling Additions to the XLE
With respect to another Toyota owned brand Lexus, this XLE had many lower end versions of a Lexus today. The look and feel of the car was leather with accent stitching. The sound system was all there and seating was premium leather feel. It had all the luxury controls of a Lexus for the driver and passengers. It did include rear cameras for backing up, SolarTech glass so it doesn’t get too bright or hot.

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